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Gift Registry Help
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Gift Registry Help

STEP ONE: Create an account or sign in
STEP TWO: Create Your Gift Registry
 Shop and add products to Wish List, then transfer to Gift Registry

Browse the website for items that you would like to receive on the day of your special event.

To add items to your wish list, simply click on the item image of your choice. Once the image is clicked, the item details will appear, accompanied by a "Wish List" button to the right of your selection.
Click “Add to Wish List”
This item has now successfully been added to your wish list. Repeat this step for each additional item you would like to add to your Gift Registry. Once you are finished adding all of your desired products for your Wish List, click the “Save Wish List” button. 

After your Wish List is saved, a pop up window will appear displaying two options: “Select Wish List or Create New Wish List”. In order to create a new Wish List for your products, you will first name your Wish List by typing your desired name into the box to the right which reads “Name Your Wish List”. Once you have entered your desired name, select “Create Wish List” (If you have already created a Wish List, open the drop down on the left side, select your existing Wish List, and then click “Submit Products”.)

To locate items you’ve added to your new Wish List, click on the “My Account” link at the top of the website. If you are already logged in to the website, you will be guided to your "MyAccount" page. Locate the  “My Wish List” and click to view your "Saved Wish List(s)".

Here you will find all the items you have selected that are now ready to be transferred to your gift registry via the green buttons to the right!

The two green buttons to the right are: "Add to Shopping Cart" and "Add to Gift Registry". Use "Add to Gift Registry" for the items you want to add. A "Gift Registry" popup appears prompting you to "Choose your Registry". Click on the menu Arrow to select your Gift Registry then click the green "Submit Product" button to do so. Another popup appears "Added to Gift Registry" and "Successfully Added".

Create Your Gift Registry

On the left side of the website click “My Gift Registry” to reveal the dropdown menu item “Add New Registry”. Click this to view "Gift Registry" form. Enter a "Create Registry Name", browse for a "Your Profile Image" (500 pixels tall by 350 pixels wide, jpeg formatted image) and enter an "End Date".

A successful form completion will display the "Edit Your Gift Registry" results showing your registry name, profile image, and end date.

How to Edit and Manage your "Gift Registry(s)".

By clicking “Manage” you will be able to access 6 tabs that will help you keep track of your registry.
Tab 1 Overview:

This tab keeps track of the following:

  • Registry Name: Your Name
  • End Date: Time allowed for guests to shop
  • Total Gift Amount: The total product amounts added to your registry from your Wish List
  • Received Amount: Total product amounts gifted from your guests
  • Financing: Applies to any remaining balance, after all gifts have been received from your guests. The green "Apply Now" button displays the online application form for financing through Tidewater Finance Company. (May want to include a "What is this" link in the tab window next to the financing Apply Now button)
  • Amount to Pay: If a balance appears, this is an amount needed to cover all the original items selected in your registry
  • A "Go to Review/Remove Products" button at the bottom will take you to the next tab 2

Tab 2 Review/Remove Products:

  • You can manage your product choices

Tab 3 Invitation List:

  • Add guests for participation into your gift registry
  • Enter their name and email address, then click the green button “Add Guest”
  • Repeat this step for each new guest
  • The green button "Upload Guest List" allows you to browse for an Excel file of your guests for uploading
  • The green button "Create Invitation" takes you to tab 4

Tab 4 Create Invitation:

  • Create your custom email
  • The "My Email Invitation Subject Line:" is the subject line of your invitation email
  • The "My Invitation Message:" is the message body of the invitation email
  • "Attachement:" for any files you wish to attache to the invitation email
  • At the bottom buttons allow you to "Save""Preview" or "Send Now" your invitation email

Tab 5 Received Gifts:

  • View the names, email addresses and gift amounts received

Tab 6 Complete Purchase:

  • Click "Move to Cart" to complete your gift purchase
  • All gift cards received from your guests will be deducted in the total shopping cart amount
  • Any pre-approved financing will be deducted in the total shopping cart amount
  • If there is a remaining balance, you will can pay that amount or remove products from your shopping cart



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